Typical Job


The sketch design is developed during the first visit in consultation with the clients.

A full design plan and costing can then be developed based on the initial discussions.

As a computer generated plan this is flexible and can easily be changed. Design fee for a small garden is £150.00.

This garden is made up of a rough patio, poor shaded lawn and shrubs. The brief is for a low maintenance garden taking advantage of the sunnier far end for sitting.

Step by step guide to the work...

1. The grass is stripped and at this stage any plants worth saving can be bagged up and stored in the garden.
2. Hardcore is then brought in to provide a base for all paving areas.
3. The central paved circle is now defined in brick. The rest of the design revolves around this feature.
4. The outer ring is now laid so the paving can be started. Slabs are cut to fit around the curved edges.
5. The steps are now built. This sets the level for the lower paved area which can now be started.
6. The paving is now finished and the central cobble area can be laid.
7. The garden is finished and planted.

In the final picture the garden is shown one year later. The plants have had time to mature, softening the whole garden.

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